Sufi Reflections

I am delighted to be launching ‘sufi reflections’ on the first day of Ramadan, 2022. This section invites your open mind and heart and re-framings of spirituality.

Much of my work and process is informed by my faith of Islam and is strongly underpinned by sufi traditions of mysticism and spiritual reflection. After careful consideration, I have decided to capture and share this aspect to myself for two key reasons:

  1. To enable me with a space where I can share my reflections, thoughts, and processing of the social issues.
  2. In case it is of interest to those wanting to learn more of the spiritual ethos that informs my sense of social justice.

From time to time I facilitate zikr spaces, so please do keep a look out here for the latest happenings. Till then … Allah Hafiz.

Bulleh Shah quote