Digital Fasting and Detoxing

Legacy post dated March 25, 2019 from a different blog

For the past couple of years I have consciously taken digital time outs to rebalance and reconnect with the ‘real world’ rather than a virtual one. The two can so easily become convoluted, with the potential to drive one in to a 24/7 hyper conscious state. I usually follow these breaks with letting go of online media that I don’t use frequently. Today, I say RIP to ResearchGate. While the platform has served me well, in recent years I have felt it perpetuate the ‘publish or perish’ approach in academia. It is always difficult to let go of longstanding accounts, but since the deletion (yes deletion and not deactivation) of my ten year long facebook account, I have felt a type of freedom that I only knew in the 90s. The initial fear of losing important people or networks is soon replaced with a streamlining where those connections can remain with some effort through a smaller pool of online networks, while providing the piece of mind that can only come from decluttering and a good old fashioned spring clean. 

It wasn’t until I started doing this that I realised just how over stimulated my brain was and how much subconscious stress that was bringing in to my daily life. 

My next digital time out is scheduled for mid April, so if you don’t hear from me, think of me in a zen like state 😉 reconnecting with my inner self and the physical world.