Handed in and now awaiting the VIVA … small suggestions

So, it’s been handed in and now I’m awaiting the VIVA. It’s a weird one this, as on one hand, I am so happy and relived and on the other, there’s a niggling anxiety that keeps reminding me that it is not completely over till the VIVA. All I can do now is wait, and process the magnitude of having handed in 9 years of my hard work … in the meantime however, some small things to share for any one about to go through something similar:


The Technicalities:

  • Make sure that you have all your timings (i.e. binders/submission office) organised in advance.
  • Print off the thesis yourself if you can as binders charge VERY high amounts!
  • If you are going with a binders for the printing too, be mindful that they run your PDF file through a programme that gives them b/w and colour page stats. I thought I had 6, apparently it was 46, as grayscale can count, as can grayscale shading in tables, pfff.
  • Avoid different orientations in your thesis i.e. landscape and portrait … this can affect your ability to convert it to a PDF file.

Handing In:

  • Take a close friend(s) with you on the day you collect you thesis from the binders and hand in. This can be a huge moral support and keep you grounded.
  • Do NOT re-read your thesis after it has been handed in. You WILL find small annoying errors that will depress you and take the pleasure out of the achievement. I suggest that you give yourself a break, re-coup, and then revisit with a clear and rationale mind – (well this is what I plan on doing anyway after having spotted those annoying small typos after just a few pages in).
  • As a courtesy, do email your supervisor and let him/her/them know that it’s been handed in.

CELEBRATE! – and let it sink in! …