Final Days to PhD Submission 😨

As I continue trawling through hundreds and thousands of thesis words (yes, still can’t believe I wrote all this but then I didn’t say it was “good”/usable writing) – In between my zombied state – I am struck by the gravitas of the situation every now and then.

So this is nearly it? – THAT voice usually responds with something unhelpful like “only if you get it in” or “yeah but then there’s the VIVA, so it’s not over” …. now and again I ignore these snippets of helpful information to remind myself of how far I’ve come.

Borrowed from a tweet melt down after hours of writing.


I was once told that a PhD is mostly perseverance, they were right. Well in my case anyway. Don’t get me wrong, my attempts at perseverance have often been interrupted by procrastination and feelings of self doubt – but the underlying will to continue and not drop these studies is why I’m here now, writing this blog about my final days to submission.


I hope that anyone out there that’s reading this and doing a PhD, especially part time in amidst work and commitments will feel some reassurance that an end does come … maybe not as soon as we want or hope, but if we stick with it, it does come and bring with it some of that closure we have long been craving.