When Blog Rapidity and PhD Strategy collide

The rapidity with which I am writing these posts echoes the rapidity of policy change that I am drawing focus to in my study – but its true what they say, blogging seems to help your writing.

architecture buildings city cityscape
Does this signify rapidity?

Today was slightly more productive! – This was mainly because I have started logging the changes/edits in a sep. thesis doc (in 80s style hard copy) – not only does this provide me with a detailed tracking of edits but the bookmarking using the mini post its enables me to visualise the progress that I am making.

I am currently working off two copies of my thesis (as working digitally can make me lose perspective after a while). The first copy includes my responses to internal feedback and provides me with a record of the changes that I should be making. The second is for tracking as described earlier. An additional notebook also allows me to take ordered/detailed notes and/or make lists so to not cloud the thesis print offs.


Seems to be working so far but let us see if this strategy helps me to the very end, only time will tell  (well I will, through a blog post) – more to come on PhD final edit strategies.

Till next time, to all fellow writers/editors … Hang in there!