Self care during the final push of a PhD

It has been dawning on me that it is very easy to forget yourself amidst the drama of final edits. Food and sleep are my main issues at the moment as I put in ridiculous hours using the espresso buzz.

design desk display eyewear

This post is marking a conscious move to address the current dynamic and to make some simple changes for a healthier approach to this deadline – as crawling to the finishing line as I lose perspective on coherent writing is definitely not an outcome worth aiming for.

scrabble resolutions

Resolutions for the next two weeks 💪

  • Healthy eating for natural energy
  • Aiming for recommended sleeping hours for recharge
  • Organising tasks across each day so I have a clear focus (and don’t feel overwhelmed)
  • Relaxing in short bursts to keep myself paced

Let’s see how I get on 🤓